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Track, Search, Identify

After our training you will be equipped to track, search, identify, on social networks and a little beyond. Of course everything is done on open source and within the legal framework, and yet you will go far.

Practical objectives

Master the main tools for searching the 11 main social networks.


Learn best research practices and demystify the deep web and darknet.


Perform in-depth searches on LinkedIn and Twitter and optimize results.

Themes and content

Meet a white hat hacker and an investigator:

Presentation of 9 tools adapted to each social network and demonstration of their use.

Exploiting information :

Finding data is one thing, but carrying out a solid investigation is quite another. This involves a cycle, and we'll show you some free, ergonomic tools for sorting and mapping information.

Collect data

  • Process it (to turn it into intelligence)

  • Analyze it (to make it useful)

  • Pass it on (sort and present it)


Practical exercises on LinkedIn and Twitter :

Specific to HR and due diligence for new associates or business partners.

Other information

No computer knowledge necessary.

3 hour workshop.

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