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President and co-founder of Sarx inc in 2014, Philippe will be your main contact and the person responsible for the smooth running of the investigation.


In another century (the 20th), he was a military officer (land engineers) and intelligence operations officer for a government foreign intelligence service (France).


He has retained certain elements of his professional culture, such as the ability to adapt to the most unexpected situations and a certain familiarity with the adversary's point of view.


As an investigator, trainer and lecturer, he dedicates his work to the search for truth based on proven facts. 



Bonny is vice-president and co-founder of the agency, managing operations, organizing and supervising teams. A licensed investigator, Bonny is also an experienced accountant.


She embodies rigor combined with pragmatism

( but behind the scenes she is totally disruptive and allergic to limiting standards ) but she also reassures all our customers by the way she listens and the confidence she inspires. 


Bonny ensures that investigations are carried out swiftly by the best specialist investigators, responding to the specific challenges of each case.


Jordanne is our young ethical hacker or white hat,

He's a real hacker, but on the right side of the force.

He solves espionage, corporate hacking and hostile website intrusion problems because he knows how criminal hackers work. He frequents them, follows them and tracks their activities on a daily basis.


His playground or combat zone is also Web3, Metavers and the world of crypto and NFT blockchains.


He is one of the few cyber-investigators to investigate and patrol this world on a daily basis, under the responsibility of an official and recognized investigative agency.


So he's our undercover investigator in the parallel but very real world of web3. The web 4 of artificial intelligence won't stop him. 


His values are clear:

Fight the worst uses of the web to preserve the best.

Contribute to making web 3 a clean and clear universe.


Senior investigator, trainer and mentor to our investigators, Pietro was one of the SPVM's most renowned investigators in the fight against organized crime. He is also a teacher of investigative techniques, and a consultant for TVA, CBC, 98.5 and many other media on the subject of organized crime.

Recognized for his expertise in the field and his talents as a trainer, in both the police and private sectors, Pietro embodies a sense of commitment. But more importantly, he passes on the flame to all our young investigators.


You won't know anything about them, and you'll never be able to spot them, they're our spinning artists, harder to spot than this line to read.

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