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Intrusion test

Ask a hacker!

Website penetration testing.

Offensive cyber-security means thinking and acting like the real hacker who's interested in your website.


Our hacker is a cyber-investigator under the responsibility of the agency. He acts according to the methods, mentality and tools of the hackers we come across in 4 Darknet forums.

Test d'intrusion

Your problem

  • Concern about the risk of website hacking and data theft

  • Correct any loopholes and demonstrate additional precautions to help comply with law 64

  • Check that your cybersecurity is effective 

The result

  • Correction of vulnerabilities: Immediate identification of improvements to be made

  • Production of detailed intrusion report (within 48 hours)

  • Free follow-up with your cybersecurity firm

The solution

  • Meet the hacker

  • How are targets chosen? What's the hacker culture like on darknet forums? What are the latest hacking trends as seen by active hackers? 

  • How does a hacking and ransomware operation work, step by step? What do hackers fear? What are they looking for? What is the "I don't ask permission" ideology?

  • Realistic intrusion: live site analysis, vulnerability identification (unindexed google pages, hash, server password access and other live demonstrations), server password access attempts, partial password decryption.

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