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Formation hacker


Think like a hacker: experience a hacker attack on your website!

A live, controlled experience, on the day and at the time of your choosing, under the responsibility of a recognized investigation agency.

Practical objectives

Master the attack plans of cyber-pirates and experience a simulated attack to understand how it unfolds.


Understand the projects and trends of cyber-pirates, their objectives, their culture and their means of harm.


Use basic knowledge of website hacking techniques to anticipate and protect yourself.

Themes and content

Meet a white hat cyber hacker and learn all about him:

How are targets chosen? What's the hacker culture like on darknet forums? What are the latest hacking trends as seen from the side of active hackers? How does a hacking operation unfold, step by step? What do hackers fear and what are they looking for?


Countering the threat:

Testing your own site's vulnerabilities (unindexed Google pages, hashing, server password access and other live demonstrations) , detecting threat clues, reacting immediately, anticipating and protecting proactively.


Conducting an attack and participating in countermeasures:

Live observation and monitoring of an attack on an authentic or training site, development and implementation of protection and counter-attack measures, debriefing.

Other information

One client company per workshop, as we are in a confidential area, maximum 6 participants per workshop.


3-hour workshop.

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