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Formation sécurité voyage pays à risque


We prepare you to deal with dangerous situations in areas of political unrest, war risks and instability.

3-hour online training (2 days of hands-on, outdoor training also available).

Practical objectives

Adopt the right attitudes and reflexes, on arrival and during the first few days, detecting weak signals in the urban environment, in crowds or in remote areas.


Analysis of the social situation and the activity of hostile groups (depending on the country concerned).


Perceive, analyze, decide and act in dangerous situations (including the principles of pro-active conduct).


Approaching (or not approaching) and negotiating roadblocks in different risk situations.

Themes and content

Simulation of the entire journey:

From the airport to the hotel, in the surrounding neighborhood, what precautions to take, what reflexes to acquire.  How to analyze the atmosphere, the contacts and the weak signals around you that could herald trouble or suggest that you're being targeted.


Vehicle travel in urban or remote areas:

Choice of drivers or mode of transport, principles of vigilant driving, principles of pro-active driving, To do and Never do list when traveling.


Choosing allies and facilitating Canadian consular services:

Pitfalls in social interactions, respecting official Canadian recommendations, selecting local allies according to safety and efficiency criteria, analysis of practical situations and analysis of the specific situation in each country visited.

Other information

The trainers come from Canadian and French government security services and military forces, but/and they're incredibly friendly.

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