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Online detective for cyber investigations

Web3 is inhabited by humans, so it can't escape scams, fraud and scam from shitcoins, crypto and NFT.

We'll quickly identify a project's reliability and security.

Cyberenquête - Crypto - NFT

Your problem

  • Is this NFT project reliable?

  • What is the reputation of the project initiators?

  • Am I the target of a scam?

The result

  • Production of detailed report (shitcoin scams will be renamed with legally admissible epithets)

  • Digital documents, screenshots, technical report and clear language report for possible legal follow-up

The solution

  • ​An analysis of your target project:
    Analysis of chosen programming, evaluation of transaction system, block size, header, Merkle tree, transaction body and lists, protocols, transaction lifecycles, conflict resolution, proof of work or participation, governance 

  • Smart contract analysis

  • Awareness survey of project founders

  • Identification of fraud indicators:
    Rug pulls, pump and dumps, ICO (initial coin offering) or IPO (initial project offering) scams and other frauds that appear according to the zeitgeist

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