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Jordanne B.

Jordanne is our cyber-investigator in Web3. He sees what we don't, identifies risks, traces what is often untraceable, and crosses barriers deemed unbreakable.

All self-taught hackers face a choice: what to do with their talent?

Become an unscrupulous Black Hat?

Or :

Become an ethical White Hat dedicated to your security.


Jordanne's choice is to protect Web 3 and its legitimate users.

Jordanne's operations cover the full spectrum of threats circulating on web3.

He analyzes crypto and NFT projects, as well as new uses for blockchain. Present on the main forums under various pseudonyms, he constantly monitors new trends and is in direct contact with the initiators of suspicious projects.

He enables the agency to consolidate Web3 investigation files with solid digital evidence.

For Jordanne, there are no small or large investigations. Her motivation lies in tracking down the people and organizations threatening your security and peace on the Web.

"We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us."

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